Innovative tower & foundation designs for Operators & Tower Companies

Innovative tower & foundation designs for Operators & Tower Companies

Intelli Towers evaluate existing standard towers and compare those with own designs on a no cure no pay basis. Further Intelli Towers on royalty basis offers tailor made tower & foundation designs based on specific customer demand always keeping the focus at maximum capacity & minimum cost.
Tower DesignDue to own developed high level software and +20 years of extensive tower & foundation design knowledge, Intelli Towers has the ability to offer solutions that in most cases reduces site build prices with > 20%.

In addition, the assembly time and structural complexity is limited due to simple few member structures and detailed installation manuals.

Tower DesignAdvantages when using designs from Intelli Towers:

  • One design – several different tower producers of own choise
  • Online engineering office
  • On demand factory quality assessment
  • Always best tower prices

Design examples



General design overview (specific optimized per customer demand)

Free standing lattice towers:

  • 3 & 4 legged tubular, 10-100m
  • 3 & 4 legged angular, 10-100m
  • 3 legged hybrid (tubular & angular), 10-100m

Guyed lattice masts:

  • 3 legged tubular, 50-120m
  • 3 legged angular, 50-120m
  • 3 legged hybrid (tubular & angular), 50-150m

Free standing Monopoles & Flagpoles:

  • Step-monopoles, 10-36m
  • One-dimension Chimney-poles, 10-42m (camouflaged antennas in top 9m)
  • Tapered shell-bended monopoles (outside flanges or slide-Over model)
  • Flagpoles, 12-23m (with 2 camouflaged tenants in the top)

Rooftop structures:

  • Roof- or wall mounted minor pole structures (3-10m above roof)
  • Ballasted (with tiles) minor pole structures (3-6m)


  • Removable and re-useable steel & pre-fabricated concrete foundations
  • In-situ build Pier- & Pad solutions (fixed or separated)
  • Pile (drilled or forced) solutions for Monopoles

Major basis for the design

design-stdsThe following items form the basis for Intelli Towers designs:

  • Low weight
  • Long lifetime
  • Few elements
  • Details with no corrosion risk
  • Simple to transport, assemble and erect
  • Suitable for fast & simple installations
  • Usage of law requested Design Codes per country
  • Load configuration: 1-5 operators (customer requested)

Solutions from Intelli Towers provides minimum CAPEX and minimum OPEX.

All Designs will be certified by accredited parties in accordance with the country specific laws.

Design examples