Capacity gain for Operators & Tower Companies

Capacity gain for Operators & Tower Companies

Intelli Towers is specialized in antenna capacity increase by adding or changing secondary structural tower elements. The methods has proven its remarkable worth since the future extra lease income does cover the capacity increase cost within maximum 1.5 years.

Capacity gain

Capacity gain by 400% with Tower upgrade

Capacity gain of existing towers made of either L-profile, CHS-towers or V-towers (or hybrid versions).

Capacity gain is possible for most structures and foundations. The maximum benefit is for L-, V- or CHS towers, whereas solid bar towers in most cases has very limited gain.

Extra Tenants

Extra tenants on Tower



Yearly Net-income for 1 extra tenant 8,000 USD
Existing capacity (tenants) 1.7
Intelli Towers improvement 1.3
New capacity 3.0
Construction cost (improvement) 15,000 USD
Years of business case 5
Extra profit during years of business case 37,000 USD

Over 90% of the existing tower- & foundation structures are subject for simple life time expansions and bearing antenna capacity increase for limited cost.

capgain3 Tower capacity gain

Intelli Towers are experts within increasing of structural lifetime and bearing antenna capacity of existing tower- & foundation structures.